Specchio del Tempo

Chi siamo... la nostra storia

Tamper srl is a new reality in the market of design and complementing furnishing. Its headquarter is based in Milan and from Milan its founder comes too, with a hard Italian spirit in his DNA.
The idea was in fact elaborated by its founder and conceived and developed to be entirely produced in Italy.
We are a new company that aims to launch new innovative products if possible, but above all functional and interesting ones. We have several different projects on the go, but at the moment our attention is focused exclusively on Lo Specchio del Tempo, which certain includes all the features we are looking for in a product. When we have designed our display rack, we haven’t thought about a simply box or a case. We have gone beyond.
Lo Specchio del Tempo daily interacts with the character, that is not the watch but the owner himself, the same person who has bought the watch because he liked it and that in a precise moment felt the desire to possess it.
As a result we have wondered:

“Is there any meaning in locking those feelings in a drawer or worse in a safe?”

And this is the question we want to ask you too.
For Tamper living means not to be conditioned by external agents but living with its own emotions, always.
If you buy Lo Specchio del Tempo you will always have the possibility to expose your feelings, just as you like.
We hope you too meet our idea.

Tamper srl
As a creator I’d like to thank those people who have contributed in developing this project: thanks to everyone of you.